Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Oh So Chaud!

There are two colours of lipstick that certainly, most black women will have in their collection. The first is a browny toned lipstick, the "go to" lipstick; my mum has several. The brown lipstick is a colour championed above all as a nude lipstick for black ladies everywhere. In contention for second place, along with a dark plummy colour is ORANGE. Oh yes, the orange lipstick. I know that my eldest sister, who lived out her teens during the 90's had an orange lipstick which made an appearance in school photos and at parties. I remember speaking to her as she looked at an old photo, reminiscing on how bad the orange lipstick looked in hindsight and how much she enjoyed wearing that particular lipstick nevertheless.

Well now, the tables have turned. Orange lipstick is back on the map and causing a madness amongst fashionista's of every colour and every creed, everywhere. Some call it the new red. I think the two things are entirely separate and conjure different emotions but the important thing is that for those who dare, or those who are simply curious, there is an orange lipstick out there for you at a variety of price ranges. Oh yes.

I went to MAC to lose my orange lipstick virginity and picked up a deep, burnt, matte orange called "So Chaud." The ladies let me play, handing me lipliners and glosses to try with it. I thought I hated it at first, but I played with it and found the end result quite pleasing. I bought my own, took it home and continued to experiment, finding that a brown lipliner, and a brown lipgloss heavily laden with golden flecks, made the lipstick an everyday wearable item rather than a lipstick that you never use because you feel it to be too wild and too bright.

 Above I am just wearing the lipstick which is nice but I added lipgloss anyway which makes everything look a bit more...Juicy :-).

Graftobian HD Creme foundation, Sleek Liquid Illuminator in "Goddess", Sleek Contour Kit in Dark, Sleek blush in Scandalous.
MAC Folie eyeshadow, Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black, Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara in Extra black.
NYX lip/eye pencil in "brown", MAC "So Chaud" Lipstick, Benefit Lip gloss in "Almost Famous"

I got mine from MAC but orange and coral is EVERYWHERE, so check out Sleek at your local Superdrug where you can pick up fabulous lipsticks for around a fiver. Rimmel are sure to have their own take on this trend and many others. If however, you are unlikely to ever become a wearer of orange lipstick, lighten your life with a spot of orange or coral coloured nail polish. Rimmel has a stunning coral rightly labelled "Coral Queen". So as the weather brightens, let your tastes broaden and give the vibrance of orange a go! :-)

Hugs and Kisses,

Monday, 18 April 2011

Size is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

I know others will disagree with this statement. I know the argument is that we should all be healthy and being overweight is not healthy, and that people should not advocate being overweight by saying it's beautiful because it isnt and blah blah blah. . .

But I have been thinking and observing the humanity in my immediate vicinity. This issue has been bouncing around in my mind for so long. All the thinking I've been doing has centred on whether I want to pursue the above notion as a genuine belief system, or to discard it and continue to base the strength of my self esteem on my dress size, and have none until I reach at least a size 12. As you all know I am a UK 16-18 without a shadow of a doubt. You will also know that if I lost a couple of stone it is unlikely that I would be in any way anorexic. It is also likely that if I become busy or if I take up a hobby that makes me more active I will lose weight. 

I will probably like that this is happening and I will not complain however, I will now be brutally honest. As a teenager, I am not at a place where I want to lose weight to be healthy. I want to eat chinese takeaway, pizza and Nando's till my heart's content. Couple that with me being a hopeless romantic, the only reason I would want lose weight is because I believe that is a genuine barrier to me having a lovelife. Pretty sad I think although it is the honest truth. Therefore, the active pursuit of weightloss is no longer highly ranked on my agenda which includes, sleeping eating, writing the occasional essay and making an abundance of fashion and beauty related purchases both physically and internetedly. 

Think whatever you like, but I have reached the conclusion that size is not synonymous with your ability to be gorgeous and stylish. I met a girl who picked up the same dress as I did from New Look, only hers was a size 8, a size 10 at most and mine was a size 16. See the difference:-
 Oh wait...there's hardly any.

 Now don't get me wrong, I don't advocate being so overweight that normal everyday life is difficult, but a little extra chub is unlikely to cause an extortionate amount of damage. I see people in all shapes and sizes enjoying life and love, and as part of my self discovery, I have decided to forget the idea that others can't love me because I am a size 16+.

So the journey of discovery continues. I'm just learning to be comfortable, and stay comfortable in my own skin. Seeing as I haven't got a size 10 figure to call on, I'd best whip my self-belief into shape and give myself instead, an aura of irresistibility. (I'll let you know how that goes ;-)) From what I've been told, it apparently lasts much longer than a youthful appearance. It's clearly worth the time investment then.

To wrap this up, I would advise all ladies to pursue what makes them happy and not what they think will make other people happy. The latter is a fool's game with limited results and high costs. If a little less weight will make you happy, lose it. If a little more weight will make you happy, gain it but continue to nurture your self-worth whilst you go on such a journey and know that style can be achieved in every season, regardless of size and shape.

Hugs and Kisses ladies,

Fancy Dress Party? Absolutely!! :-P

Hey hey hey ladies!!

I've been away for a long while, but I think I'm back now. So having been to several fancy dress parties recently, I thought I'd kick off with this happy post on fancy dress attire. I wrote it some time ago so enjoy.


Does the thought of fancy dress make you wanna hurl? Well never fear because EBAY is heeere! If you want to be a typical curvaceous girl and go as a doughnut, be my guest, but if you're ready to get your sexiness on, here's some tips to help you on your way.

Rule No.1:
DO make the most of your best assets. My sister has AHmazing bangers but she's not so happy with her legs. Bust out the breasticules, and opt for a slightly longer skirt, wack on some heels and get out there! I love my legs so I whip those out at every opportunity. Add heels and if a little bit of butt peeks out, meh, people can looky looky, as long as they no touchy touchy ;-). Oh and ladies, for goodness sake jump on the corset bandwagon. EVERYBODY can appreciate a bit of good corsetry.
(Costume suggestions include; Minnie Mouse, Snow White /Snow Black ;-), french maid etc etc.)

Rule No. 2:
DO be realistic. Accept that once you get above a size 12 at the most, it's not necessarily going to be flattering for you to go out in a bra and pants, stick on some bunny ears and a tail and say "I am a Playboy bunny." I know that quite frankly, all the will in the world, alongside all the confidence there is, will do nothing to change that I would feel, and LOOK like a complete blob. Don't do it. Instead. Dress smart. By all means bust out those bunny ears but buy, from H&M, some simple black leggings and a fitted black vest and team with heels. You look good, you feel good.

Rule No.3:
DON'T pay extortionate amounts for your costume attire. Get yourself, as previously mentioned, onto the Ebay website and fancy dress shop til you drop. Do not be fooled. Many costumes go up to at least a size 22-24 and some Ebay stores devote themselves to selling costumes for larger sizes still at reasonable prices. Also be AWARE that most sellers are selling the same thing and yet will be charging different prices so don't be tempted to buy the first costume that you see, in the style that you like. Alternatively, if it's not viable for whatever reason, to collect your own costumes, don't be a bum and go as yourself, HIRE a costume!! My Dad has had some HIDEOUS ones.

Rule No. 4:
DON'T rule out making your own! I happen to know an amazing girl, who can make costumes out of whatever you hand to her. If you're a dab hand at sewing, even better!

Rule No. 5:
JUST. BE. YOU. Don't under any circumstances feel inadequate because you were the only one in your circle of friends who couldn't let out the tummy. You can be just as confident and as sexy as they are; and hey, that belief in your own gorgeousness might have you being the centre of attention anyway... ;-)

Rule No. 6:
DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!! go home with a stranger that night. All I'm thinkin' is WALK OF SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME! It's obvious enough when you're caught teetering along in a little black dress and heels, so in a french maid costume? Yeah. Enough said.

Rule No.7:
DO take LOADS of photos of the event. I didn't and regretted it.

So all that's left to say is, have loads and loads of fun. Laugh your head off and have a wicked time and forget about being self conscious, simply because You Are Gorgeous! ;-)

Hugs and Kisses