Friday, 24 June 2011

Another trip to Whip-My-Weave-Back-And-Forth-Land??

I am so lazy. This title is directly influenced by laziness and an unwillingness to take care of my hair, SO I am now planning my next venture into Whip-My-Weave-Back-And-Forth-Land. It won't happen until the end of September at least, (if I can wait that long) so never fear, the afro will remain here. For now. Here I am with my FroeeMcFro:-

But I've a hair do in mind. This picture (below) is courtesy of and it'll be perfect for the A/W season where chic-ness and sophistication will be my mantra, and bold, vibrant confidence will underpin my being. Now this pic is with shorter hair extensions but i want mine to be LOOOOOOOOOOOONG so I'll have luscious, layered lengths instead. I'm gonna put this picture in before you shoot me:-
I love the hair, but don't you just love the makeup! So nice. Anyway I digress. I want this. I'm going to have it. I'm excited. That is all.

Not sure what length I'll have...I'm debating 22inches or 20 inches but I suspect that the 22 will be too long so I miiight go with 20. It'll be foiiiiine! I'll look at my first weave to try and imagine how the extra length will look. My sister likes it and so does my Mum (amazingly, she HATES weaves) so we're good to go. It's either this or a handbag...heck I'll take both. ;-)

Hugs and Kisses

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Are you wearing...Tights?

Hello and welcome back to my blog and all my wonderful musings. My posts will hopefully get much more frequent now that exams are over and I will have time to focus. So today's post in this wonderful month of June is on skin coloured tights for women with darker complexions. Now lets start off with some background.

At school, skin coloured tights didn't even enter the domain of my thoughts. I had seen the range in Marks and Spencer of skin coloured tights for black women, which consisted of one pair of 15 or 20 denier tights aptly named "Cocoa" and simply thought... "Oh dear." So for the entirety of my school career the option was either no tights, trousers (when I got to sixth form), or the 60 denier black, black tights which are pretty much equivalent to leggings. I bore the weight of the 60 denier burden for at least 5 years and then I chanced upon 40 denier tights which stayed firmly out of leggings territory whilst giving me the opaqueness that I wanted. I'd suffer sometimes in the summer months though because tights can get incredibly hot and uncomfortable so an alternative would have been very welcome.

My interest in tights became heightened after I wholeheartedly jumped on the "House of Holland mock suspender tights" band wagon in all its Jessie J glory. I bought one pair and was careless with them so they laddered, and I resolved to buy another pair. So I went online and stumbled across this little gem of a website . The words "GET TO THIS SITE NOW FOR ALL YOUR HOSIERY NEEDS!" adequately describe my position and opinion of this site, and the effects it has had on my life. I didn't re-buy the House of Holland tights specifically because I thought them too expensive, so I got the standard Pretty Polly one's which are also very lovely. They however were not the important purchase.

My selection of skin coloured tights however, absolutely took centre-stage.

I bought different pairs of tights in different colours and with a couple of different price points. I will start with my absolute favourite pair which are Pendezo tights, and retail on at £5.49 a pop; expensive I know but so very worth it. Here is a piccyture of me wearing them...

Pendezo tights specifically cater to mixed race and black women and so the colour match, even though I was unsure and had never bought them before, was exquisite. They blended in beautifully and they wore like a dream. I got shade 30, which I thought would be too dark but they were perfect, so if you're my colour buy in 30 because they will look fab. I laddered these upon first wear which was a shame but that did not lessen my opinion of them in anyway; the dainty manner of putting on delicate tights is something I've yet to learn because I have spent most of days putting on tights akin to leggings. People could not tell I was wearing tights which is, in my opinion, a very good result indeed.

The next pair I tried were much more bank balance friendly and come in at £1.30. They are by a company called Gipsy who make tights for every skin colour you could possible imagine. I bought two pairs but the colour I enjoyed wearing the most was called "Mink"...I think. I also got the colour "Seigle" as well. Here's a picture of me wearing those...

These tights, were fine to wear although at £1.30 they lack the luxurious feel of the Pendezo tights. However, they are fabulous because you can try them without destroying your bank balance so I'm not fussy, especially as I have yet to perfect the delicate art of putting thin tights on without tearing them to shreds. All my tights get bought in either Large or X large or Tall or whatever, because I like having the extra room to manoeuvre :-p

All in all, this year for me has been about discovery and this is probably one of the coolest I have made. My Mum has always worn tights so she was really interested to hear this particular discovery as I hope you will be too. I have realised that if you know where to look, you can find beautiful skin coloured tights for everyone and that black tights all year round is in fact an option that can be chosen because of convenience or the look that they give to your outfit, rather than a mandatory fact of hosiery wearing life.

Until next time,
Hugs and Kisses,