Friday, 24 June 2011

Another trip to Whip-My-Weave-Back-And-Forth-Land??

I am so lazy. This title is directly influenced by laziness and an unwillingness to take care of my hair, SO I am now planning my next venture into Whip-My-Weave-Back-And-Forth-Land. It won't happen until the end of September at least, (if I can wait that long) so never fear, the afro will remain here. For now. Here I am with my FroeeMcFro:-

But I've a hair do in mind. This picture (below) is courtesy of and it'll be perfect for the A/W season where chic-ness and sophistication will be my mantra, and bold, vibrant confidence will underpin my being. Now this pic is with shorter hair extensions but i want mine to be LOOOOOOOOOOOONG so I'll have luscious, layered lengths instead. I'm gonna put this picture in before you shoot me:-
I love the hair, but don't you just love the makeup! So nice. Anyway I digress. I want this. I'm going to have it. I'm excited. That is all.

Not sure what length I'll have...I'm debating 22inches or 20 inches but I suspect that the 22 will be too long so I miiight go with 20. It'll be foiiiiine! I'll look at my first weave to try and imagine how the extra length will look. My sister likes it and so does my Mum (amazingly, she HATES weaves) so we're good to go. It's either this or a handbag...heck I'll take both. ;-)

Hugs and Kisses

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