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Brilliant Bras for Bigger Boobs! (That don't break the bank ;-P)

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Are you tired of having the booby-blues? :-(

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I have some great news for all you busty beauties out there that have a serious problem finding bras that are flattering, gorgeous and CHEAP! Now I know that quite often, bigger-boobied women have to compromise; either you pay £30 PER bra, (yes boys, £30 quid a bra to support boobs that can be the size of two small infants, so if you don't want to pay, stay the hell away and keep those hands to YOURSELF!) and get a gorgeously flattering lacy number, or genuinely decent multi-way, or you do what I have to do as a student and go to Next, Asda or a similar establishment and buy two bras for £20 that are padded to the hilt, the size of a boulder, or just plain ugly (that you never take back because they are so cheap and they don't fit you properly either), and THEN to add insult to an already miserable, breast-related injury, they can add at least a dress size to your top half.

Well for all you busty babes that don't know, www.brastop.com have filled that gap in the market for girls who cannot afford to constantly go to Bravissimo (as brilliant as they are) and spend in excess of £25 on a single bra without even considering the prospect of matching panties. With that in mind then, let us cut to the chase and discuss prices. You can get yourself a bra worth £25 pounds for about £13.95 which I think is a good deal. I think that they also do like a "deal of the week" or a "bra of the week" where it cost like £10, which for a bra from brands well known to us busty beauties like Freya, or Fantasie etc, is a real bargain. At the very least you'll get 20% off most of the stock's retail price so I would definitely suggest that you take advantage of a website that saves you money all year round instead of 4-6 times a year when the sales are due, and it's difficult to guarantee that you'll get the lingerie you want in your size. The bras are pretty, the matching pants are there as well and you can be happy, shopping for well made bras, at home and at a much lower cost.

I do admit, that you need to have been FITTED, not MEASURED by a random at Marks and Sparks with a tape measure, but FITTED in the sense that you've tried bras on, and you know what size you are, and what style of bra suits you. But once you have the basics mastered, you can then enter the realm of cheap bra-dom that we have all been waiting for. If you still get stuck, they have a dedicated fitting team who will help you and videos on how to tell whether your bra fits you correctly so that you are as comfortable and as supported as you can be. Another bummer is that you don't get free returns if you get it wrong but I'm sure that's something they might address as the company grows. In addition to this, the bras are often from past seasons which means that you will need to go to Bravissimo and other such places if you want the brand new collections. However, it is important to note that whilst stylisiticly the bras will change, the shapes tend to remain the same from season to season so if you are willing to wait and you realise that most of the time nobody sees your underwear to be able to tell you that you are a fool wearing Freya bras from last season, you may be able to buy the bra you've had your eye on at a later date, for a fraction of the cost. And I'm pretty sure that if somebody else is undressing you, you probably won't have them commenting on the newness of your bra design when they're whipping it off!

If you've tried www.brastop.com do let me know what you think of prices et cetera, et cetera, and of course if I remember to do so I will update you all on my coming purchase. Also you can all have a link to the Brastop Blog as well (www.brastopblog.com). I really do hope this was a useful discovery for some of you; it certainly excited me so lets turn that frown, upside-down and enjoy some Happy Bra Shopping!

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