Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cape today, Cape tomorrow.

ASOS Hooded Military Cape

Okay so this bad boy has been my absolute Autumn/Winter staple. It's surprisingly warm, and in most cases quite practical. It pretty much suits anybody. I procured mine in a size 16 and I fretted until it arrived because I definitely believed it wouldn't fit around my breasticules, but they come up huge so even if, at the time of me purchasing this, they had the size 18 in stock, I wouldn't have been able to keep it; it definitely would have been too large. The hood is huge which is adorable; it does a little of the Scottish Widow drape and it's a weighty coat so it doesn't flap off when placed lightly over the shoulders unless there's a fair amount of breeze.

Okay so here are my self imposed rules for the wearing of my superwoman cape; I'll sling it over my shoulders after a night out because I normally wear some kind of legging or I wear a dress that finishes an inch or two above the knee (I know...saucy :-P). Then it looks awesome. I have to see enough leg for my cape to work for me otherwise I do tend to look like a walking marquis. So for me, leggings, jeans/jeggings, shorter dresses and trousers are really cute. Tailored trousers are better I find, otherwise there is fabric overload, but sometimes its the first coat I lay my hands on when I'm leaving for work in a hurry so bog standard New Look bootleg trousers are what the cape gets paired with. In fact I don't care as long as my legs are two separate entities to the naked eye.

The last thing I added, was heaps of attitude. I was aware that I was wearing a cape in an everyday setting; it took some getting used to as a cape is synonymous with fancy dress so a pinch of attitude is needed. My life became a catwalk from that point; I decided that I needed to constantly look like I had things to do and people to see and then people, I found, subconciously recognised me as a no-nonsense FASHIONISTA with a purpose and fashion-filled life. Of course, I had nowhere to go except Tesco and nobody to see except the McDonald's staff but nobody else needs to know that.

Just as a by-the-by do not for one second think you can fling a bag across your bosom in an easy fashion with this style of coat. It wont happen easily if at all. It tends to bunch up on you and look ridiculous so I stick to bags I can carry in the crook of my arm in a "diva-ish" manner. In addition always carry a bag big enough to carry a 99pence H&M lint roller because the black one picks up white fluff like a BEAST and it'll really get on your nerves. Lastly, keep an eye on the quality, the shoulder detailing on the left side fell off; its nothing a needle and thread won't fix but even so it is quite expensive especially if you're on a student budget. Which reminds me, get an NUS card and type in the number across the front of it to get 10% off all ASOS purchases. That can't be bad right? You can still get these on the ASOS store just here:-

I also found this cape from Dorothy Perkins that I completely adore. As soon as there's some money in my bank account I do believe it will be mine. At a later date I'll add some pictures of me in my cape looking rather disheveled after several months of endless wear. Seems excessive to have several coats but only live once. 

Camel Military button cape

So size 16+ ladies and all the other ladies be bold, be daring, and be beautifully caped.

Hugs and Kisses

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