Thursday, 6 January 2011

Time to find out who I am, and love whatever it is that I find. Bring on 2011.

So here we are, facing the beginnings of new year, packed with all kinds of unknown adventures. I have in fact gone through phases where I find the unknown quite scary, and others where I find it, fun and exciting; it's all about finding a balance. It's always difficult to know when you should leave life to chance or take the reins yourself and create your own opportunities. Either way the purpose of this particular blog is to make this discovery in style.

This time of the year, you can hear the murmur of said new year's resolutions, with the top one being "I want to lose a few pounds in time for summer; I'm going on holiday." I decided to completely disregard THAT particular resolution because well... I love food far too much to relinquish it in any way and besides it rarely works for me; I tend to lose weight by filling up my time. Being a size 16-18 for the past 3 years has had its ups and its downs. In school most of my friends stop around the size 12 mark so that common ritual of swapping clothes before a night out was something that was entirely lost to me. Depending on the time of the month sometimes it would get me down. However, I stumbled across my ability to dress for my body shape without too much thought thanks to the television help offered by Gok Wan and even his pre-decessors Trinny and Susannah. Admittedly, at first it was a little "hit and miss" but after a little practice my efforts to dress well produced more consistent results and sometimes I would feel mildly attractive.

I have come a long, long way since then but have not been diligent in logging my progress so here I am ready to track my fashion and beauty habits. Which habits will I keep? Which ones will be added? Which will be discarded as a bad experiment, obsolete or simply unnecessary? It should be fun because as you will see in the coming days, being a size 16-18 (UK) is not without its perks. Ample breasticles and a fairly defined figure in general make it one of those sugar coated pills that are easier to swallow. In fact, now I am at a stage where I very much embrace my shape. Smaller sizes tend to look good in everything but where's the fun in that? A keen eye is what it takes to look at a top on a hanger in H&M and think "with a belt, that'll look de-lightful." or "for the sake of the random people in the street who have to see you, leave it exactly where you find it...".

Being only 19, I've noticed that I am changing at an alarming rate as a person. As such, my fashion and beauty senses are changing as well, like tastebuds suddenly appreciating a good wine as more than just a disgusting adult drink. This first quarter, my theme is oh-so-cheesily called "Romance and Femininity". I want to evoke a romantic air with my hair, my makeup, and my clothes as well and celebrate becoming a woman. The aim of this is to unlock and reveal a girly, mysterious yet still vulnerable side to me; its no coincidence that my "theme of the quarter" encompasses Valentine's Day and the beginning of spring. Ah, the imagery of it lifts my mood and my spirits already. So bring on 2011, whatever it may hold.

Hugs and kisses until next time...


  1. We love you scotty bum you sexy piece of ass! :-) lots of love your bestests (d, bex and nic) xxxxx

    ps you've always looked hot!

  2. always beautiful!

    love you lots panda! <3
    your one and only little sister :) xxx

  3. AW shucks guys; I'm feeling the love right now :-) xxxxxxx